Pre-wired 2 or 3-String Solar Power Combiner Box - NEMA 3R

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Pre-wired 2 or 3-String Solar Power Combiner Box - NEMA 3R

Models (SKU):

2SC3R-PW 2-String Solar Combiner
3SC3R-PW 3-String Solar Combiner

2SC3R-PW-LM 2-String Solar Combiner with Lightning/Surge Module
3SC3R-PW-LM 3-String Solar Combiner with Lightning/Surge Module


    • Models For 2 or 3-String Connection
    • Continuous Duty Rated at 1000V DC
    • Optional Lightning/Surge Module (LM)
    • Touch-safe Fuse Holders
    • NEMA 3R, Painted Steel Box
    • Includes Output Circuit Cable Clamp
    • Input Pre-wired With MC4 Connectors


Model 2SC3R-PW - Solar Power Combiner feature a weatherproof, painted steel NEMA 3R enclosure. Model is fused and features Din-rail terminal blocks for output connection. Models provide a 2 or 3-string configuration. Rated for 1000V DC continuous duty. Input is pre-wired with MC4 connectors to plug directly into your solar panels.

General Specifications
Operating Temperature: -40 to 130 ºF (-40 to 60 ºC)
Enclosure Size: 8 x 6 x 4"
Enclosure: Material: Painted Steel
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 3R, UL Listed


Model Number 2SC3R or 3SC3R
Input Circuits 2 or 3
Input Circuit Connection: MC4 Connectors
Output Wire Size 6-14 AWG
Earth Ground Terminals 1 Ea, 8-14 AWG
Max String Voltage Rating 1000V DC
Max Current Per Input Circuit 20 Amps
Max Total DC Output Current
2SC3R-PW - 40 Amps
3SC3R-PW - 60 Amps

Optional Lightning/Surge Module (LM) Specification.

Type of Design: Silicon Oxide Varistor 500V
Maximum number of surges: Unlimited
Response time one milliamp test: 5 nanoseconds
Response time to clamp 10,000 amps: 10 nanoseconds
Response time to clamp 50,000 amps: 25 nanoseconds
Maximum Current: 60,000 amp