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 Solar Power System

Solar Power Combiner Solar Power Combiner Box

Series: SCB1


     Models for 3, 4 or 6 String Configuration

     Continuous Duty Rated at 600 Vdc

     Touch-safe Fuse Holders

     All UL Compliant Components

     Weatherproof, Non-conductive Box

     Includes Input Circuit Cable Glands


  • Remote Solar Power Systems
  • Reduces Wiring to Inverter Box

SCB1 Series - Solar Power Combiners feature a weatherproof, non-conductive fiberglass, UL listed enclosure. Models are available for 3, 4 or 6 string configurations and are rated for 600 Vdc continuous duty.

General Specifications
Operating Temperature: -40 to 130 F (-40 to 60 C)
Enclosure Size: See Model Table
Enclosure Material: Fiberglass
Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X, UL Listed
Fuse Size: 10 x 38mm

Available Models
Model Number SCB1-3-(*) SCB1-4-(*) SCB1-6-(*)
Fused Input Circuits 3 4 6
Input Wire Size 8-14 AWG 8-14 AWG 8-14 AWG
Output Wire Size 4-14 AWG 4-14 AWG 4-14 AWG
Earth Ground Terminals 4 Ea, 8-14 AWG 5 Ea, 8-14 AWG 7 Ea, 8-14 AWG
Max Voltage Rating 600 Vdc 600 Vdc 600 Vdc
Max Current Per Input Circuit 30 Amps 30 Amps 30 Amps
Max Total DC Output Current 90 Amps 110 Amps 130 Amps
* Insert 5, 10, 12, 15, 20 or 30 for fuse size in Amps.

Note: Continued product improvements make specifications subject to change without notice.

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